[GIST] FOOTBALL LOVERS!! Do You Think The Draw Between Man U & PSG Was Truely A Technical Error or UCL Has Been Bribed?

The draw for the last 16 of the 2021-22 Champions League had to be redrawn after a mistake resulted in the original ties, which has being declared null and void.
PSG were drawn with Man Utd – which would have seen Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi face off – however the entire draw was cancelled and was re-drawn

According to UCL, they claimed that it was a mistake.

“Following a technical problem with the software of an external service provider that instructs the officials as to which teams are eligible to play each other, a material error occurred in the draw for the UEFA Champions League Round of 16” they said.

The big question is, do you believe that it was truly a technical problem?

Well, personally, I don’t believe UCL excuses. They’re practically on a damage control right now or has been bribed.

They don’t want PSG to face Man U. In other words, they don’t want Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to meet, because PSG is likely to be kicked out and that would be the end. UCL this season won’t be tough and interesting anymore.

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