[NEWS] Chelsea Icon slammed Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard’s big-money move to Real Madrid certainly hasn’t
gone to plan so far.

The Belgian forward joined the club in the summer of 2019 after a
stunning final season with Chelsea.

He was the latest ‘Galactico’ to join Real Madrid, but the fleet-
footed forward has come nowhere close to replicating his previous
superstar form in the famous white jersey.

Injuries have hampered Hazard’s first two seasons in the Spanish
capital, restricting him to just 38 appearances across all

The Belgian’s attitude since signing for Real Madrid has also been
called into question, especially after he infamously arrived to his
first pre-season with the club overweight.

It’s not what you expect from one of the most talented footballers
of the 21st century and former Chelsea winger Damien Duff has
now criticised Hazard’s attitude.
Less than a week before the Blues host Real Madrid at Stamford
Bridge, the Irishman has boldly stated that the Belgian has “never
been a top pro”.

“You’d worry for him going forward,” Duff said to RTE, per Marca.
“He’s 30, he relies on sharpness, being a quick dribbler. We all
know after 30 it’s downhill.

“He’s never been a top pro and he’s never had the drive of [Lionel]
Messi and [Cristiano] Ronaldo. If he did, you’d probably be
mentioning him with them two players.
“He turned up for his first pre-season at Real Madrid – as a
Galactico [after paying] 160 million [euros] – overweight. Fat. Call it
what you want.

“You’d worry for him, because he’s had 11 injuries and to come
back from 11 injuries – and he’s hardly played in two years – you
need to have drive, you need to be a top pro.

“You could argue that throughout his career, he’s always battled
with his weight.

“To be signed by Real Madrid [for] 160 million euros, you turn up to
pre-season in the shape of your life.

“And he turned up overweight because he was on holiday. I’m not
having that. I hate aiming it at a player, but it’s always been aimed
at him anyway.”

It’s a controversial take, but one that’s also hard to disagree with.

While Hazard has enjoyed a brilliant career, there will always be the
lingering feeling that the 30-year-old could have achieved far more
with his unquestionable talent.

But few – if any – other footballers possess the drive of Lionel
Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, so perhaps we’re being a tad harsh
on the Belgian maestro.

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