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[NEWS] Drop An Encouraging Message For A University Graduates In Nigeria (Best Comment Wins)

School na scam, School na scam – it’s until you need the Certificate
and you don’t have it, you will understand you are doom.

Yes, I understand that the Nigerian educational school system is in
a very deep mess.

I understand that your School certificate is not enough to give you
the kind of life you envisioned for yourself but still school no be

Get your Certificate, keep it and go look for how to make it

Only an idiot and those looking for Money anyhow without seeing
any needs to be educated will do everything within their reach to
rubbish School – saying school na scam.

Some idiots are just look for something to buttress their point
because they are nothing but pure illiterates but because they have
small change, they want to influence some other people that you
don’t need School to be rich.

I’m a Graduate, your Certificate is useful
I’m a Graduate and I can tell you that School might not be the only
thing you need to be successful but still being Educated will take
you places and it will support you to becoming a better person.

Education is important, don’t let anyone tells you otherwise.

Your Certificate gives you edge over others
Being a very hardworking rich hustler + being educated means you
will become unstoppable but being a very hardworking rich hustler
without being educated ehn, you don’t have a voice where the
educated ones gather.

You all might be rich but they have an edge over you because they
are educated than you – don’t take chances, anything fit happen

School no be scam.

NaijaSeasontv, take a look at the Tweet above and then answer this
question below
If You Are To Advise A Young Nigerian Based On This Tweet, What
Would You Say?

We look forward to your response.

Drop your comments.

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