[NEWS] Igbo Man The First Nigerian Billionaire, Do You Know? Check out here

When it come #Money , #Igbo begin to make #headline before Nigeria got there #independent.
Just As Igbos Control Nigeria #Economy today, So they do control the Economy them.

#NaijaseasonTv.com #gathered from analyst that 9 out of 10 #successful business outfit in Nigeria belongs to Igbo.

Also no part or #city in Nigeria and world you will go and didn’t find an Igbo Man doing #business.

On to fact check, we are looking at the first Billionaire in #Nigeria.

The man is Soo riche that he was able to afford a car, that Nigerian government could not afford them.

We are talking about Loius Odumegwu Ojukwu .

when Queen Elizabeth 1st visited Nigeria in 1952, the government couldn’t afford a befitting car for her status?
So they borrowed a Rolls Royce silver Wraith from sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu. Nigeria first billionaire.

As that time, his net worth was $4billion.

Source :- NaijaseasonTv

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