[NEWS] Meet Sandra Elaine Allen, the tallest woman in the world

Sandra Elaine Allen was the tallest woman in the world; she was an American woman born on June 18, 1955, and died on August 13, 2008. Sandra Elaine Allen held the Guinness World Records as the tallest woman in the world.
She was 7 feet 7 inches (231 cm) tall.

Sandra Elaine Allen intimidating height was due to a tumour in her pituitary gland that caused it to release growth hormone uncontrollably, making her undergo surgery for the condition at age twenty-two. Without quick medical attention, she would have continued to grow and suffer further medical problems associated with gigantism .

She appeared in Fellini’s Casanova, in the TV movie Side Show, and is in a Canadian/American documentary film, Being Different. The New Zealand band Split Enz wrote a song about her, “Hello Sandy Allen,” released on their 1982 album Time and Tide. Allen never married, saying that she was “an old-fashioned girl” and would not date a man shorter than her.

However, she wrote a book, Cast A Giant Shadow. “I like my life the way it is”

Allen suffered from scoliosis and diabetes and in later years relied on a wheelchair because her legs and back could not support her tall statue in a standing position. At one point in her life, she was bedridden due to disease, causing atrophy of the muscles. She would later spend her last years in Shelbyville, Indiana at a retirement home

Allen who embraced her towering height had just one mission in life, to impact lives preaching self-acceptance, Rest on Sandra Allen.

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