[NEWS] Premiership clubs on alert as Chelsea push through dramatic plans that will change football landscape

Scottish Premiership clubs are on alert as the likes of Chelsea
dramatically push for a European Super League (The Times).

SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said last week that he
wouldn’t rule out an Atlantic League with involvement from five
Scottish Premiership clubs. But there’s precedent perhaps being
set south of the border as Chelsea lead clubs voting for a European
Super League.

Manchester City are the only club out of the traditional top six in
the English Premier League not to vote for it. Voted for by the likes
of Chelsea and Liverpool, The Super League development will send
a message to UEFA who are due to announce its new 36-team
Champions League format on Monday, to come into force from

There has been talk for years of a breakaway league, a closed shop
for the elite separate from the traditional UEFA structure. An
expanded Champions League seemed to be the compromise but
there are now crisis talks at UEFA with three teams each from
Spain and Italy ready to be announced in the move tonight, Scottish
clubs unlikely to get a look-in.

It will be interesting to see how this sets the precedent for Scottish
clubs involved in a potential Atlantic League. Aberdeen Celtic,
Hearts, Hibs and Rangers were included in plans to take part in a
regional competition by Irish sports investor Andrew Doyle. Teams
from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Republic Of Ireland would also
take part.

This would be heavily backed by investment bank JP Morgan with
a projected income of up to £350 million. Celtic rejected plans
earlier in the season despite pleas from Aberdeen chairman Dave
Cormack not to do so. But now a similar league involving Europe’s
elite is close to being formed, potential Atlantic League
stakeholders may have one eye on the situation.

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