[NEWS] Russia invasion: Ukraine contacts Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich

Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich is fighting hard to restore
peace between Russia and Ukraine.

A #spokesperson for the #Chelsea #owner said the billionaire #businessman is looking for ways to broker peace between his #country and #neighbouring #Ukraine.

Abramovich is under pressure to speak out against Russian President #Vladimir #Putin’s decision to #invade #Ukraine.

Just last weekend, the Russian-born billionaire announced that he was giving up his ‘stewardship and care’ of #Chelsea.

However, it appears the 55-year-old is actually attempting to orchestrate a peace deal after Ukraine reached out to him via his Jewish contacts within the country.

“I can confirm that Roman Abramovich was contacted by the Ukrainian side for support in achieving a peaceful resolution, and that he has been trying to help ever since.

“#Considering what is at stake, we would ask for your #understanding as to why we have not commented on neither the situation as such nor his involvement,” Abramovich’s spokesperson told the PA
news agency.

Also a Ukrainian film producer, Alexander Rodnyansky said that Abramovic has been trying to mobilize for peace talks between the two countries.

“I can confirm that the Ukrainian side have been trying to find
someone in Russia willing to help them in finding a peaceful

“They are connected to Mr Abramovich through the Jewish community and reached out to him for help,” said Rodnyansky.

He said the Russian businessman has been doing his best to mobilize support for a peaceful resolution ever since.

“Although Mr Abramovich’s influence is limited, he is the only one
who responded and taken it upon himself to try,” he added.

He said he was not certain if the billionaire businessman would be
able to make any positive impact that could end the war.

The war that broke out on Thursday has claimed many lives already as it enters the sixth day. A meeting between Russian and #Ukrainian delegates on Monday ended with no tangible conclusion.

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